Since I was young, I think, I've changed my ambitions around 4 to 5 times, give or take. I have lots of dreams and were (still am) easily excited by new things. My first ambition was to be a fashion designer. Well, we can see how that worked out since I championed getting dressed with my eyes close. Then it was air-stewardess, scientist, astronomer, scientist (again) and doctor. The last career choice I made after I lost the opportunity to jump into medical field was to just get married or sit at home and become the cat-lady.

When I was 22....I might as well just be 77.

There was no dreams to run after. It was a point of mid-life crisis.

But now...I am choking myself with endless reading and writing, and rewriting scientific ideas in hope that people would understand me.

At the same time, I'm learning some of the things I wanted so much to learn but didn't get to;

Master the violin, toggling with computer programming, having fun with algebra  and calculus....the list goes on.

I loved numbers and technical works and I remember how little things hinder me from enjoying them when I was waaaaay younger. Now, I can learn them at my own time with my own schedule and at my expense. Learning new things is way too easy these days that I think it's a waste how people just linger jobless. Isn't this the time we can learn what we've always wanted to learn and be so good at it, no one can say no anymore. The Internet is full of possibilities and I would like to urge young people in Malaysia to explore more into the depths of knowledge and stop settling for things that will undoubtedly distract you from being productive.

Singing is wonderful....but following/auditioning for endless reality shows and just singing in the bathroom isn't enough. If you really love it, practice to widen your vocal range and hit notes with precision.

Playing guitar is great, but strumming isn't enough. How about learning scales and arpeggios and broken chords to up the skills you have? How about trying out guitar-slapping?

Knowing to program is great but can you take on programming to create forecasts of flood or to detect cancerous cells? With so many open source programming language online, we have so many possibilities and chances for this.

Reading Al-Quran is not enough, we should know the meaning....and knowing the meaning isn't enough, we should apply and learn the language of the Holy Quran to understand better and to experience the beauty more.

May we have all the strength take on a new world with competency that rivals global scale. Because in the end, the only enemy we have to go against is our own self. 


P/S: Some of the resources online for young adults who are eager to go back to learning are as follows
        * http://www.khanacademy.org
        * http://www.p2pu.org

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