Monday Blues: Losing Focus

Getting lost in what you do is a stretchable statement when it comes to defining focal scale. How do we know we lose focus when we focus so hard?

Greetings from the sticks!

Why bother thinking too hard and analyzing what may seem to be the only simple thing a brain could do? Which is...think. But I can't help it. I lose focus even when I'm focusing. I'm losing myselg in writing a thesis, going maniacal on details that I am surprised I didn't google on every single word I read just to understand it better. So how to we tell ourselves to stop it?

 What I found....

It's an obsessive compulsive disorder. It's the obsession for accuracy. It's the obsession to be right all the time. It's the deathly fear of being wrong. Is there even a cure for it?

Why should one be afraid of being wrong?

In the judgemental environment where we live, and the obssession to win win win...and quickly, I am surprise as to still be shocked at the less than subtle references to killing someone over debatable hypothesis.

Mind dueling isn't new. It never was.

 So, as I stare at my data, I wonder...how do I get around this, fast and get it right without 'spraining' a limb in my gray matter. Or pop a vein and go into epileptic stroke...or heart attack...or asthma attack...whichever comes first.

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