How is it that we're not in love with purity? That everything has to be applicable and engineered into concrete.

Isn't there consideration for the pure form of knowledge? Pity that there would be no encouragement for the endless 'why' or 'how'. To critic our own government is to be called ungrateful. But to sit quietly and adapt to your wit's end is foolish. 

Purity of number and systems. 

Purity of chemistry and elements.

Purity of poetry and literature. 

And application just so derivative that it hurts the mind that is dying to have its questions answered but only told when and where the knowledge would work the most. 

Aren't we selfish? For stealing the beauty of purity from our future. I, one, want my mind to embrace it. And teach what possible future I could have.

How is that not love?



Love is passion that simmers or explodes. Both create whirlwind of tastes. But the one that simmers long enough gets you the most. The impatience...and the best of all, when you look sideways; it's a hope that they would do the same when they're not looking.



The abiding laws of attraction and loyalty always demand sacrifices. Of preferences. Of comfort. Of safety. Of constance. But when overcame....it's so precious that being called man and wife could only be fun and happy with it.

Calling each other names and getting over it...apologizing for the wrong things you do...'We just want to be together forever'

I've never missed my classroom more...

Let's stay together...forever



Because sitting in one place isn't in our nature with our two legs. So we walk, ride and run. The fearlessness that came from tracking new roads or walking down the roads made by others for the first time makes you wonder if the soil in your feet and the sky on you head will remember you the next time you come back.

God, set me free....when You let us roam...give me the eternal freedom from worry...from fear...and from doubts.

Nothing feels more wonderful than distances that promise the unknown, the strange and the wonderful



were smiles
at the corridors

is not to look this way
when you go that way

how wrong is right
but right isn't that wrong

could you have read my mine
that isn't mine

when you can walk away
and I can walk away

when we're again
sitting in class that won' remember us

when I touch the desk
And still feel your name...