Monday Blues: The crazy thesis on fiction writing

The contradiction of thinkings and feelings make human unique one from another. As far as fiction goes by, we underestimate humanity and the extent of alternatives in their reactions. Where readers strive to enjoy fiction and relate it to reality, writers seem to have the habit of making it too realistic to the point of idiocy.

Why does the rejected heroine run to other places to recuperate?

Why does the alpha males have to be jerks?

Why do every single sidekicks and minions in the story feel strongly devoted to emotional and obviously irrelevant heroines and try to normalize the mistakes that she does?

There are other options in life that doesn't necessarily mean heartbreaks, happily ever after or doomed tragedies. My interest in fiction, modern ones, dwindle parallel to the staple publications of chic-lits. I do not condemn publications of fictions cause it is good. And great to educate this generation that books may be the only survival item you need upon zombie apocalypse or island strandification. If strandification is even a word. Striving to find great fiction is a great pain in the neck because we have different expectations and writers are humans too. I refrain myself from justifying things I haven't read but I have the dirty habit of opening the last page before buying any books. I am a real sucker for that and I plead guilty to be the walking dictionary of spoilers.

Maybe that is the reason why, I opt to just read online fictions; which I can ditch sooooo easily if I don't like it, and papers or journals; biogeochemistry, trigonometry, etc. I may not be smart, but these are safe reading materials. It's not heart-wrenching but once you get the hang of it, absolutely satisfying and it may have inspired me in some of my writing ventures.

The love for books is something nurtured and if not maintained, can be lost with age and technology. Now, it is all pictures and games and interactive (really) applications. Fictions and adventures become mediocre.

This is a call for all writers.

Do not write just for the sake of it. Do not write just for the drama. Write, cause it's something you want to share. And think when you write. I stopped believing in character's will after I read Jane Austen. Most female writers may worship her, but seriously, subsequent liberation of willful ladies in suffocating world of etiquette became the start of so many fictions trends that are nauseously boring. Lately, I've been accustomed with teenage writers' fascination of building their female characters to be 'bad-ass' or 'sarcastic' or 'loner' or 'bookish'. These common generalization of character that expect the readers to over-simplify the fiction written made the whole writing worth almost close to nothing. Because writing....is not taking the TV series into books. It is about taking YOUR mind and translating it into words.

Who am I to make comments when I clearly don't write fictions, right?

But I'm a reader. And I deserve to be taught something in anything published as fiction. I deserve to buy and read something that doesn't berate my mentality and capability of understanding circumstances of plot. What are writers if not the plotters that only become better when seasoned with time?

I'm just a person who struggles to white reviews. I don't write fictions. And maybe, for the most part, young writers should indulge in something called reviews of facts. It could help you in so many ways than one.

The world is changing and people are smarter. Do not look down of people who reads...cause some of them still love books and good fiction.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte /
The Mischievious Mrs. Maxfield by ninyatippett/
Natural Attenuation of Fuels and Chlorinated Solvents in the Subsurface by Wiedemeier et al.

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