Black Coffee

Have I achieved a sort of equilibrium with you?
To which, your black is my secret,
And my red is your seal.

Have I achieved the truth?
Where you stop howling to the silver moon
and know that she was just a mirror
that doesn't shine on her own

Have I conquered all?
Your thoughts and longing
and deepest dream of content

Have I seen?
Everything just yet?

This black sweetness on my lips
wasn't chocolate...
It's stale monochrome
Quiet mornings
and cold slumbers

for I
am nothing.


Friday: MH17

Another tragedy has strike Malaysian Airline yet again. This horrible series of unfortunate events seem to be too much within one year. And 2014 isn't over yet.

MH 17 is another 777 Boeing aircraft of Malaysian Airline that had took off from Amsterdam earlier around 12.00 am local Malaysian time and was supposed to have reached Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 6.10 am local Malaysian time. The flight carried 280 passengers with 15 crew. 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 38 Malaysian (inclusive of crew), 11 Indonesians, 4 Belgian, 4 German, 3 Phillipinos and 1 Canadian. 80 of them are feared children.

A report (The Guardian) had reported that European Air Traffic Control stated that the 17 year old aircraft had been flying at 33 000 ft ground level which was still within surface-to-air missile range. The Ukrainian authorities had barred aircraft from flying within 32 000 ft ground level.

Right about recently, globally, airlines had been reroute and notified not to fly through Crimea, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov due to the conflicting air traffic controls between Russian and Ukrainian authorities. (Independent) Apparently, Vice President of USA Joe Biden stated that, without all the details the aircraft have seemed to be 'blown out of the sky' and it is not an accident. Relatives of the Amsterdam passengers had been pooled together at Schipol Airport and transported to an unknown location. (Times)Flight will be provided to Kiev for relatives that want to be closer to the crash site.

What has happened is beyond public's understanding and words are spreading fast like wildfire. To troubleshoot the real cause is currently hard due to the heated accusations and defenses held up by authorities. Nevertheless, Malaysia Airline is in hot seat again and the chances of this happening was something no one could've predicted. Conspiracies are rising everywhere and I hope everyone out there act responsibly in posting any news or updates or thoughts about it. I've learned alot from MH370 that you shouldn't really trust immediate news if you're not a relative or the immediate people concern with the tragedy. Words change with the amount of mouths and brains it went through. Please think deeply before posting something over the social media and if you're going to post facts, please add in 'citations' or immediate link to the legitimate source.Conspiracy theories? Take it where it matters. There are websites dedicated to discuss it but to post every single conspiracy that goes through your head wouldn't be welcomed at this time of grief. Be responsible of your thoughts.

Words cannot describe how sorry I am for the loss experienced by the families and relatives of the victims. My condolences to them and I pray they will find strength to go through this tragedy.

Insya Allah...

Internet Powershopping

Internet is the rabbit hole into anything and everything. Literally.

My point of blabbing about this convenience is how I've managed muster the nerve to actually purchase something over the Internet and hope against hope to not be screwed big time.


What do ya know...I am finally a proud owner of a nice sturdy laptop. Refurbished. Remanufactured. Reused. Just the way I like it. I can go yadda yadda about how it is important to try and recycle electronic (yes...you can, my friend...), but I'm a girl and my achievement in getting a deal is more important. And there are safety measures you have to take when you're buying something that you won't be seeing until you get it at your doorstep a few days later. If you're lucky, you won't have to wait long. 

In Malaysia, people crowd around GroupOns and Lazada to purchase items. 

GroupOn is a site I refer to as a shopping site since it offers deals after deals inclusive of services and vouchers to spas and stuffs. My friends who love pampering themselves hog  alot of these offers and they are available online over a limited time only. They even have the timer to indicate how much days, hours, minutes or seconds before the offer expires. I bought powerbanks for my friends from this site. So and so. 

Lazada in the other hand, is another topic. Although both site is internationally known; I guess...cause they are over the Net, they offer ranges of items, from clothes to baby carriers, smartphones to tablets, blenders to sewing machines, baby bibs to baby blender, blah blah blah. More or less similar with Group On but it is more enriched and you don't go scampering around in dilemma to beat against time; if you're the type that gets uneasy looking at countdown timers. 

They are others, but I'll be talking abouth Lazada cause that's where I purchased by new laptop. 

The site have sellers that sell the items, Lazada seem to be the site that group them all in one and standardize all the services provided with. Free delivery, free return, customer service....the interface says it all. But LO and Behold...PAY ATTENTION TO THESE:

1) Sellers and their websites or contact numbers, emails....
     You gotta know and make sure that they are legit. You can't call, email. You can't email, Whatsapp,
      LINE, WeChat or Yahoo Messenger them. It's not likely that they don't reply you. If they don't, stay 
      away guys. Cause that's an indication that they won't take your future complains seriously. We don't 
      wanna be whiny afterwards cause it'll totally be our fault if we don't take the precautionary act in the 
      first place. Belt out all the customer rights you want, even if you have high likeliness to win in court, 
      you'll suffer the court proceeding fees and lawyer fees over what could've been just trash sold with 
      discounts over the Internet. 

2) Purchase mode
     What I like about Lazada is the fact that it has Cash On Delivery purchase. Meaning, you pay when you
      get your good. This is especially cool cause, you're less likely to suffer loss later. I mean, if you haven't
      paid them, there's no hassle. Just cancel. And it's less of s psychological burden to anticipate the items
      since you haven't really paid for it. 

3) Additional note on warranty and possible exchangeable policies

4) Prices doesn't include shipping...(yeah...I know, why did they say FREE SHIPPING?)

5) Moolah
    It depends on you how you match the value of the stuffs you're about to buy and the money you have in
    hand. As we Malays say it: Tepuk dada, tanya selera (literally meaning: pat your chest and ask your
    preference (?))

There are always risks at the purchase of good over the Internet. Be careful of your privacy and your mode of transaction. It isn't much, but I hope I've shed some light to some newbies in Internet shopping although I'm glad to say that you're among the naturalist that I admire. I've finally succumb to this sort of shopping due to the lack of time and energy to ship myself around in long train journeys and walks to the middle of the crazy Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan City.