Review Paper...temporal brain damage

Remember when your parents used to ask you to finish your homework fast and revise 24/7? Well, trust them. Seriously do. 

I wouldn't be in this deep brain-meltdown if I had been more crazy about maintaining my pointer during my degree. Now, I can mentally hear my advisor feeling sorry everytime he inquires my progress with my review paper. 

Regrettable. Kids....stay in school. Literally. Not just go to class. Really really stay back and read, make notes, jolt down questions and if you could read while doing bone-breaking yoga, running on treadmill or pilates, do it. Saves your ass in the near future. That is if you ever want to build greatness as an intellctual academician. Which I'm trying but, strunggling like a chicken put in a wok and asked to be cooked into a rendang within 5 minutes. 

Brain freeze. Coma. Full stop.

My brain just jammed itself. 

I need coffee. Black. Iced.



The Truth About Men

That's what I want to know. Whether it's just me or do most of the men seem to be pretending to be supportive when it comes to their girls/wives' intellectual development? And this is not a feminist statement. Cause I'm not feminist for one.

Is it pure coincidence that I become friends to girls who are unfortunate enough to be married to men who seem to say things they don't mean?

Husband: I sokong you sambung belajar. Baguslah tu...bangga I dapat isteri pandai macam you

1 month later....

Husband: Eh! Lagi-lagi turun lab! Tak payah lah! Baby ni siapa nak jaga kat rumah? I busy, ada futsal hari ni dengan boss!

And when you provide solutions...

Husband: Kenapa nak kene hantar ke nursery tu pulak? Mesti ke hantar masuk sampai ke dalam walaupun ade visitor pass? Menyusahkan betol lah. Tak payah lah. Hantar je baby kat nursery belakang tu. Bukan susah pun. Nak tunggu baby umur 2 tahun kan? 9 bulan je lagi kot.

After 9 months....

Husband: Adoi...baru dapat off lepas double shift....takkan awak tak boleh tolong hanta baby ke nursery kot. Lambat sikitlah turun hari ni. Anak awak tu tak penting?

Yes...we love you and we will do what a good wife would; by listening to you and respect you for the husband you are. But as a person, don't you think saying things you don't really mean is a little bit infair? Saying you'll let us be ourselves but then punish us for it when it cramps up your comfort zone.

It would've been better if you stayed honest about your feelings like admiting that you don't want to be troubled with our interests in the first place. We would still love you very much for it. Instead of letting us dream, but crush it with your fist later.

May this be a reflection to some husbands out there. There are wives who care about what you think. We just can't afford to follow all the rules that you change all the time. Aren't we partners in life? Are we not your bestfriends whom you share everything with?