Super smart?

When my eyes start blurring,
My mouth starts muching.


You There?

Needed to know...if you're there...
in my mind.

Needed to know...if I truly exist...

Needed to know...if it's really me...
that you love...

Needed to know...if I'm even real...


Little Treasures: The Yellow Ducky Compact Mirror!

A girl should have a mirror. You don't know when it'll come in handy. Here's a cute one I found! And my sister bought it for me! Reminds me of my primary school days when we bring about just anything that'll gather a crowd. An this, is a head-turner. Not cause it's awfully cute. Just cause it's impossibly YELLOW!



I believe, if I was to lose someone, I wouldn't attempt to feel anything. Logically, they're over you. And getting emotional is irrelevant. 

I believe, that if I feel something is not right, I shouldn't look too much in it and think logically. 
Just because I have a gut feeling about something doesn't justify my antagonizing it.

I believe, when I feel something, I should think twice before I say it. 
You may feel uncomfortable with it. And it'd be awkward. Even if you love me...you wouldn't be able to breathe.

But, you just made me throw away all of these relevances and fool-proof, non-bias, critical way of thinking, hence resort into a position of a spy trying to see with my own eyes if all of the things I feel are true.

Why, heart dear heart...just when I try...

Shut up.

Thank you. I'll try harder to teach my heart to understand the logic of trust.


I Miss You

I miss you....


Dear friends,

Let us extend our sincerest prayers to the safety of the passengers, pilots and cabin crew of MH370; an airplane of Malaysia Airlines that's carrying 227 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The airplane went missing after it lost communication with Kuala Lumpur airport 2 hours into flight around the Vietnam air, at South China Sea. 

May they be at peace at whatever circumstances they're in and may they get home safely, in whatever way possible.

Innalillahiwa innalillahi rajiun....


3 Stooges

3 Stooges





Home is where the heart is. And I believe, even if we're staggering in the rain, we'll still feel at home. 

A home is not the house you live in. A home is not the place you rather be, or a place you run to to escape. 

It's the sense of pleasure, safety and sanctuary where you're at peace. The feeling of a warm familiarity like you're greeting a stranger that you know, you've met before but have entirely dismissed at the back of your mind. 

And home, is anywhere in anyone at any place and at any time. And the when I find a home in someone, it's because I found You. 

You're my home. And to You, I return with my broken bones, bruised heart and bleeding scars. You, never fail me. You never forget me. 

I'm home......


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