of Good Shoes and Travelling Far

A girl should wear good shoes cause a good pair can take you anywhere. When girls would do just about anything to look pretty, each of them has a sort of significance. And a pair of shoes holds alot of stories about a girl. It didn't have to be a heel-cracking, back-breaking, sky-high heels. It could be a common foam flats and even worn out sneakers. They didn't have to look pretty cause shoes, they can get you anywhere when they're comfy. So, cheers for all the shoes in the world that have served millions of girls around the world and walk them (or dash them) to places of dreams and peace and happiness!


Last Friday's Post: of resigning to fate....

Celebraing one's freedom from employment seems t be a double-edged sword of some sort. It depends on the circumstances of resignation. it could feel like the ultimate liberation from the clutches of irrelevant obedience; bordering violation of humans' rights. And it may feel like total crap entirely.

Resigning from the job you currently hold may root from various problems which deem you unfit for the organization. What could be the problem?

1) You hate your boss cause she/he is a total a**

2) You've been working your butt off but there's no promotion, recognition, acknowledgement or bonus waving your way. They're not even pretending exist for you.

3) You have been spending lesser and lesser time with your kids and spouse. How to know? It's when you dismiss the lipstick stain on your husbands collar (do I have that shade of red?) and write SPSS drafting on your kid's PTA form. Why? Refer to number 2.

4) You pondered and found that a scholarly life suits you more. Fighting for grants, wading through muddy peat swamp, birdwatching from 50m high trees, arguing with lab equipments, tutoring know-it-all undergrads and writing papers that forever needed to be revised are much much more rewarding.

Which one sounds more like you?

Most of the time, we're fired up to resign, had the letter written and printed nicely, but in the end, we had no nerve to just submit it. Maybe cause we have so much at stake; car loan, house loan, kids' tuition fees, the furniture installments...bills that endlessly trail their way to your insides. It's ok to be doubtful cause that is us being careful and calculative, taking 5 steps ahead of our emotions. But at a certain time, you know that you can't wait for the door to close so that other doors will open. You have to close that one door yourself and find other more rewarding opportunities. As we say it in Malay:

"Rezeki di tangan Tuhan. Kita meminta, Tuhan memberi,"

Wealth/Income is in God's hand. We ask for it and God will give.

I found that we have to seek for a place where we can grow to be more disciplined and know what we're worth. I learn that, I should not think so lowly of myself just because someone said so, and just because I'm younger sans less experience. Cause being younger or older in a career path won't mean a thing if you're static and not given that chance to be better than you already are. Don't you think so?


From last Friday: of Facebook and status alerts

What I like about Facebook is how it tweaks the mind to think. I like the fact that when I look at some statements people post, I am moved to say something back. Most of the time, when things that people say, seemed to be smugly said. As though they know everything and have a straight unwavered opinion about anything. I won't say anything against freedom of speech, but people should start thinking deeper before posting their 'honest', 'critically thought of' opinions.

I had the honour of reading lots of status that could easily be long thesis of events, people of certain ethnicity, beliefs and political views...not necessarily in that sequence of importance. Some updates were on every single thing that they do that day.

"Eating cupcakes at Starbucks! Yummy!"

Well, that's fortunate. We can see that all the words were spelled correctly. Though the content won't be that attractive if you're not a seriously pretty selfie photographer and everyone wants to know what you're doing every 30 seconds. The response may vary from funny ones, to some serious offer to pray for one's salvation from narcissism. Let's not forget the haters and trolls. Internet celebrities know these lot the best. And the smart ones just block, block and block these naturally bad tempered tribe. The reactive subjects may, lash out back and initiate an online debate. A simple photo may end up with over a thousand comments. It's a matter of time before a forum feature is promoted for Facebook.

But let's stop being reactive and think proactively. Not for the updaters or photo uploaders only, but also the many commentators. 

Think before you post cause your post undoubtedly reveals the type of person you are. 

If you write your opinion just to criticize other people, I believe many of us would suggest that you aid it with a solution or an alternative. There's no such thing as being cool about blindly shooting your words in the dark, hoping someone would respond aggressively so that you could prove your point. As we Malays say it:

"Bagai melepaskan batuk di tangga,"

It directly means coughing at the stairs. Letting out your cough at the stairs. You know, an act of no effort, or purpose or sincerity. 

And as a note and continuous effort on my behalf, I am working towards refraining myself from posting updates that won't contribute to greater good. Yikes! Easier said that done. But we should try if we really want to make a change. 

What do you guys think?