New Things I Got for Myself

Memang mengarut tapi saya rasa macam bertanggungjawab nak kongsi pula kerjaan saya membeli-belah dengan sesuka hati saya dalam masa 3 bulan ni tadi. Kot. Rasanya lah.

This is ridiculous! But I seemed so obliged to announce my silly spending spree that I did dor the past 3 months (I think?)? 

Sebenarnya, ada 2 saja barang yang saya beli sendiri. Salah satu daripadanya adalah pendrive KingMax yang termatlah kecik bersaiz 8 GB dan telefon baru! Yeeeep! Bukan telefon pintar, tapi puaslah menaip mesej. Nak beli smartphone apanya kalau dah di'pinjamkan' iPod. Untuk masa sekarang. 

But I actually got myself 2 stuffs. One being a super small 8GB pendrive and a new phone! Yeeep! Not a smartphone but the satisfaction of texting is beyond the desire to jump into the common lines of public demands. One 'borrowed' iPod is enough. For now. 

Selain itu, adalah pemberian yang sangat saya hargai: dompet Fiorelli London daripada adik Didi dan tag nama dari tempat kerja. Seronok juga ada tag nama.

And the rest are gifts that I truly appreciate: pretty Fiorella London purse from my sis Didi and the staff name tag from my workplace. Kinda cool to have a name tag. 

Many thanks to God for little treasures!


That Day You Took Me With You

Jeti Telaga Air, Kuching
17th November 2013


The Meets of the Socially Inept Executives

What is it about meetings that you hate?  Let's see...the repetitive minutes, the forever pending updates on just about every single tasks and for the love of God, the generation of a schedule for contract staffs to have their turns in cooking fried bihun for the whole unit; which equals to about 40 something people. The ingredients? Self sponsored. Haha! The only thing I like about meetings is how I found it is the best way to reconnect with the people you forget even exist when you're busy trying to win catfights over test tubes. 

Okay...not all meetings are that bankrupt in outcomes and productivity. Meetings are cool. When there are really important stuffs to talk about. Or achievements to share. It gets tiring sometimes to hear people talking about generating standard procedures on cleaning toilet bowls every other week. Only to have the SOP thrown back to your face. Has the standard of toolbox meetings stooped that low? 

But I don't think anyone wants to hear such thing! We're the super androids civil servants who can do jobs ranging from cooking, cleaning, data compiling and ICP MS maintainence. All at the same time. Bet you can't find cool workers like us anywhere. And we won't even ask for overtime cause we're too scared to be bombed with staplers and other potentially dangerous stationeries. Yep. We even give discounts. 

I'm secretly praying for salvation. Please God, can the Chairman please not look my way and ask me what professionalism is? I think, we're just bunch of people who love our individuality and avid supporter of free expression. We are all socially inept geniuses waiting to take over the world.