Little Treasures: Photo Album


 It's a pity to feel that one day, we may not have this kind of treasure box anymore where you can touch and hold the photos you took. I wonder what stories this little old friend has kept within it for all those years of sleeping at the corner of the cabinet, just waiting to be opened....


Go Orange for the ANIMALS!

I'm proud to announce that April is the  "Prevention Against Cruelty to Animals" month! And everyone is urge to wear the ORANGE RIBBON (if not orange stuffs) to show support for this animal awareness campaign. Subsequent to the Orange Ribbon for Animals campaign, Rational Animals has come up with the Animal Guardian Campaign. Being an Animal Guardian or the a person advocating for guardianship, we can help to alter the common perspective that animals are unfeeling objects and raise awareness to make animal guardianship a natural culture among us.

We don't have to own an animal to show our love for them. We don't have to buy expensive cat/dog food to show our humanity. To ensure their good health and well-preserved nature of a loved being is enough. Stray cats or dogs aren't strayed if they are cared for. Taking ownership of them are one of the many ways to take them out of harm's way. But preventing cruelty against animals that aren't even yours is even better. There are no people in their right mind would find pleasure in inflicting pain upon animals. And to make my point more concrete, it is kind of a general knowledge that people who shows sadism towards animals have violent tendencies towards people as well. And acts of animal cruelty are known to be present in most serial killers during their childhood.

With this launching of my video log on my ear-piercing piano impromptus, I would like to urge everyone to Go Orange in the support of the PREVENTION AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY.


That Single Moon

Tonight, for once, the sky wasn't crying. And when I walk down the road just after the call to prayer, I became mesmerized at that one single bright crescent shining in the sky. The darkness were bluish and bright because of it. The stars suddenly decided to come out and play too.

Tonight, for once, I wasn't crying. Because I remember that today is the end of a single year for me. My new year was going to start tomorrow. With that coming tomorrow, I have so many plans. So many of them. Tomorrow, I am going work hard to be happy. I want to remind myself of the many things I've forgotten because something...someone stopped my world.

I want to forget that there was ever sadness in my heart when I remember you. I want to teach my heart to grow up, since it was so obvious...so obvious, that my young heart was much too naive...much too alive to definitely love you.

I want you to know, that you were mistaken. I am not a child who's afraid to get hurt. I'm just too hurt to stop believing there was never a new beginning.

I want you to know, that for once, it wasn't me. It was you. It's always been you

That single moon that shone all through the night. And I can't believe, I still want you to love me.


of Language and the Desire to be Understood

The writing of great masterpieces can only be a comparison of what one might felt. Authors; they created outlets for emotions to materialize. And with that, I pledge my respect to people who have helped me to create my own language and realize my own dreams to understand. People could search their whole life for their song, their poetry, their book and their movie; the perfect anthems to their life....because their lives, are the work of art. Not all came out of their own minds, lips or hands. People, are like little children who want to draw beautiful sunsets but their little hands much too powerful, too strong and too young to understand just how much is enough and how little is adequate.

The sun had straight arrow pins for rays with blue clouds and 2 mountains which stood like 2 ant hills.

Childhood was a refreshing phase of life where there are no worries. Now, we can't find that real beautiful sunsets we imagined. Instead, we find ourselves cleaning the store room and staring at the work of art from 20 years ago by a very 'talented' painter named so and so, who dreamed of becoming a doctor who paints. The painter ended up being a contracted microbiologist who's gonna be out of work within 2 months and is struggling to find herself in her store room. She had lost her words. She had lost her muse to paint. She had lost part of her inborn language to just describe how hard growing up was for her.

With this, I want to remind myself that I can learn to find my language again. To find my muse and to find understanding among many. Pablo Neruda did it. Hyde did it. Andrew Davidson did it. Charlotte Bronte did it. My dad did it.

Let's try to find it slowly...let's start listening more and understanding more.


Bukan Semua...

Bukan semua yang bercahaya itu indah
Bukan semua yang malap itu tidak kelihatan
terkadang, dalam cahaya...yang samar itu
lebih nyata
lebih sempurna


Belajar Mencinta

Di gelombang yang berbeza
hatiku dan hatimu, berbeza
nubari ku yang tak memahami
mengapa menangis?
Teruskan lah, kasih...teruskan kemahuan mu

Manfaatkan diriku
rujuki keinginan mu
kerana aku bukan yang memungkinkan cinta
dan kau tidak mampu mengajarku cinta
biasan cahaya dalam kegelapan