Your Favourite Blue

When you hide me at your back seat,
I promised myself not to cry,
And there I was staring at the sky
looking for
Your favourite blue
to find
if it can decorate me
so you'll always be happy
when you're with me




Of You

When I thought of you, it's always a long road towards nowhere.

Misleading...but surprisingly right.
Painfully real...but the rapture froths dreamily.
The beautiful feeling so true that I couldn't believe that
when I opened my eyes...I found that,
I am still staring at the porcelain
flowers of uncertain dreams.


Dream Girl

To love or not to love?

To feel or not to feel?

We've always thought that we could govern our hearts to love the right person, to refuse the wrong person and to settle down to whatever we can make-ado with. Girls will always want a walking check-list and a guy will always think without using his brains. That's what I thought. That's what I know of.

Apparently, we are all selfish when it comes to feelings. We want the other part of us to be perfect and to suit whatever we lack of. Loneliness romanticized thoughts and amplified possibilities. We tried to be realistic but we can't. We tried to be relevant but instead, become more far-fetched.

If we wanted, we could have a movie of our own, having faith like a mafia, dodging bullets and speeding down the Vegas highway with the thought of being anywhere but the ground we stand on.

So, in some cases, people who love quietly have a different version of drama. It's a show and not tell. It's a do and not think. Stolen glances and rustic kisses, insincere smiles and hidden tears...because love seemed quantified by that.

So, in this drama...I'm your secret dream girl. You can tell me all your secrets and I'll keep them safe. You just have to remember me cause that's the only thing that makes me happy...you don't even have to love me.