You're Beautiful

To this day, boy
What have you not done to amuse yourself?
an immortal searching for death
but refused to die
a lost believer but in beliefs
you denied?

We can stare at each other into forever
and I'll still drink my coffee
rather than your tea
kept entertained when you fight to hate me

since my life already tastes arsenic honey
and all my nightmares a hard-core reality
you're beautiful,
beautiful still

star-crossed lovers, defying the gravity
I can try to kill you and you'll try to kill me too
you're beautiful,
beautiful still
I still think you're beautiful,
beautiful still


Sun at Midnight

Sun at Midnight, Feb 2013

L'Ombre et La Lumiere

Why do we hurt?
and let ourselves be
for choices are raindrops falling
basking in the luxury of walking away

Why do we fix it?
when it was never broken to start with
to learn that it had always been the way it is
and we, the interference

I wish I never knew cruelty
so I wouldn't know that hate existed
even so,
when I love, it feels the same
it's not precious if it doesn't die
it's not real if it doesn't bleed

From the shadows into the light
it's a transition
faithfulness that still exist,
even as the roulette spin
emotions that won't leave,
even if banished

Let my black, dirties your porcelain
and your white, clean my coal

From the shadows into the light


Crash and Burn

How does a song kill brain cells? Well, hear this and know that I've burned half my brain to finish this spawn. Thank God, I finished it....so, please...don't kill yourself from utter despair.

Little if not Nothing

Little were known about karmic powers. But it's evident. What goes around comes around? Did I get that right? I believe every religious, agnostic or atheist people would understand the 'Principle of Energy Conservation' in which:

"Energy may be transformed from one form int another. However, it cannot be created nor destroyed; thus, making the total energy of a system constant,"

In Malay language, we refer it as Teori Keabadian Tenaga.

Though religious, I think, I've been trained to keep at heart things that can be reasoned and I believe that whatever said or done should have definite reasons; be it clear or vague. And I think the Principle of Energy Conservation goes way beyond the Physics and Chemistry. It's more than just a principle made to explain natural occurrences of molecular interactions or quantifying collision. Doesn't it represent the rebuttals of actions?

Firearms set to kill helpless children in Iraq...have the energy of the occurrence not awaken itself in the middle of all-American suburbs? Wasn't the pain just as hard and as permanent? Fathers and mothers everywhere and anywhere in this world would've wept and feel the pain just the same. Evident, little if not all...the way the world and the essence of the Higher Power shifted to put equilibrium to the universe is not at all that hard t comprehend. Even someone with no beliefs should understand this strange way of justification that seems cruel and unfair if viewed individually.

How is the oppression of women in some Muslim countries that were never given the chance to have education as compared to the oppression of women in America forced to become alike to men just to justify gender equality?

Little if not All, the principle seems true.